Sexual positions and tips that promote pregnancy

How I can increase the chances of pregnancy?

Sometimes getting pregnant is not something that is achieved quickly but it can take time to achieve. To increase the chances of pregnancy are recommended to have the day of ovulation and also have sex on a regular basis, ideally three times a week at least, where the position in which they have relations will also be a deciding factor.

What are the sexual positions recommended?

Here we detail the positions and tricks that will increase your chances of achieving the desired pregnancy.

• Position of Prayer

There are research papers that support the prayer position (with the man behind or above) gives more opportunities for design because it facilitates deeper penetration of man into the vagina, and thus there is greater proximity of sperm to the cervix.

• Lateral position

The lateral position (with the man behind it) is sometimes more comfortable and also allows greater contact with the uterine cervix, as it facilitates deeper penetration of man.

• Elevation of the pelvis

The elevation of the female pelvis (using a cushion or pillow), after intercourse, by effect of gravity allows a greater number of sperm are exposed to the cervix, increasing the number of sperm in the uterine cavity.

• Remain lying

It is also very important to remain lying down for at least half an hour after sex. This facilitates the penetration of sperm into the uterine cavity and then continues its journey to the fallopian tubes, place where conception takes place (union of egg and sperm).

• Orgasm

The presence of orgasm in women is also essential because it is powerful vaginal and uterine contractions whose function is to bring the sperm to the cervix, and promoting entry of sperm into the uterus.

What are the positions are not recommended?

There are also positions that hinder conception. They are standing or sitting position above the man, in which the effect of gravity, the sperm is evacuated from the vagina faster and the chances of pregnancy are much lower.

We must remember that there is popular belief that certain sexual positions in favor the arrival of a child of one sex. There are no scientific studies to prove it.

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