Upper Back And Chest Pain Causes And Relief

For many people complaining about upper back and chest pain, the problem is likely caused by poor posture. Whether standing or while working in a seated position the muscles in the upper back, connected to the shoulder blades and help to hold the upright hear will become stressed and painful. When the pain begins suddenly it may be confused with a heart attack, since it begins mainly in the back and can feel like a spike being driven all the way through the chest cavity.

One of the methods of determining quickly if the pain is heart related is to have the person take a deep breath and if the pain becomes worse while inhaling, chances are posture is causing the upper back and chest pain. However, it is always best to have any pains in the chest investigated by a doctor very quickly in the event it is a combination of the two. A wrong diagnosis by an Unqualified personnel can be deadly.

Those who sit in front of a computer for extended periods with their arms held slightly up, are putting a lot of strain on the shoulder muscles, especially if their elbows are not supported. This can cause upper back and chest pain as well as having the pain radiate down the back and through the sides.

Prevention And Treatment For Upper Back Pain

Many times even the most severe upper back and chest pain can be relieved through massage PinPoint of the central point of the pain between the shoulders. An exercise that can help reduce this type of pain is called a shoulder raise. Standing in an upright position with arms hanging straight down, lift the shoulder as his as they want to go and without dropping them down, rotate them towards the back, then allow them to be lowered. Be repeating this exercise 10 or more times twice a day, it can help alleviate and prevent upper back and chest pain.

Swimming can also help eliminate upper back and chest pain by floating on the water. With the head above the water, while the body floats the spine can relax with little pressure due to the body’s buoyancy. With the head raised to stay out of the water, the body naturally extends itself to help the muscles become more relaxed.

While seated, constant reminders to sit up straight and maintaining good posture can do wonders to relieve the causes of upper back and chest pain, as well as help develop the posture to eventually eliminate the need for the reminders.

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